IsThereAnyDeal Everywhere adds a quick price overview for each link to Steam store it can find on a page.

A small icon will appear next to each Steam store link. Moving your cursor over it will show you a tooltip that contains current best price and historical lowest price from authorized stores, as tracked by IsThereAnyDeal, as well as some quick and useful links to IsThereAnyDeal and SteamPeek.

Try it on Steam, SteamGifts, or reddit ;)

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Download Now


Privacy Policy

This extension communicates with IsThereAnyDeal servers to receive pricing data for current item.

Requests are made on demand, when you move your cursor over the icon next to the link.

To ensure quality of service, requests to our servers are logged. These logs contain your IP address and are stored for no longer than 90 days, but usually 30 days.